Manage any building, any appliance, anytime, anywhere. @web, @mobile, @home, @work.

Simple. Affordable.

OnePoint is a real time building monitoring & control system using wireless sensors and a secure cloud based data center delivering consistent savings. 

If your monthly utility bills are $5,000, a 20% cost reduction can result in $12,000 savings in just a year. That's real dollar bills going up in smoke now.

OnePoint learns and adapts to your business environment. Use our templates or let's customize them based on your business needs. It allows you to remotely switch on/off appliances and raise/lower temperature by HVAC zones.

Transparent analytics when you need it, including instant energy consumption, verifiable savings in dollars by appliance, by store and by building.

Compatible with most building structures, HVAC systems, office equipment and kitchen appliances. No need for expensive building retrofits. 

Ideal for multi-tenant residential units, public housing projects, office buildings, shopping malls, fast food franchises and for businesses that need to save money on their rapidly rising utility bills.

OnePoint, an affordable building management solution for the rest of us. Set it up today and start saving for years.

What's in it for You?

The truth is, nobody has a more vested interest in reducing your utility bills than you do. That's why, we are fanatical about saving you money everyday.

  • Less than 12 months ROI.
  • 24x7 chat support, 365 days.
  • Realtime energy analytics.
  • Alerts for critical energy events.
  • Quarterly results analysis.
  • Flexible financing.
  • Installation & on-site support.